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mini design custom luxury press-on nails set

mini design custom luxury press-on nails set

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  • 100% handmade by me
  • tailored to fit you
  • ready in 3 - 5 days
  • reusable for multiple wears
  • can last 2+ weeks with nail glue
  • soft gel tips, not ABS plastic

‼️ Important ‼️

You need to size/measure your nails BEFORE ordering your sets!

Sizing is the buyer's responsibility and will not be refunded for wrongful measurements, regardless of the sizing method used.


For health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. Sale is final. Please consult our return policy or email us for further questions.

What's included

This set includes: 10 custom painted nails, shape & size of your choice

optional: application & removal kit (needs to be added to cart separately, if needed)

Press-on nails made from 100% soft gel and professional salon-grade materials.

International shipping & taxes

Shipping outside the EU & EEA will have extra fees depending on the country and method of shipment!

The fees will need to be paid in advance AFTER your order is placed, and only then I will get started on your nails.

Please read the shipping policy closely and message me if you have any questions!

Allergy disclaimer

if you are allergic to nail glue, please purchase a set of adhesive sticky tabs or a brand of glue you trust to be suitable for your sensitive skin!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

10/10, ma uit in continuu la mainile mele!!

Amazing as always

Just as always, the service is amazing: quick, qualitative and overall great. I will definitely keep ordering again and again🌟

absolut perfecte

Apreciez enorm profesionalismul și rapiditatea cu care a lucrat Maria. Am comandat 2 seturi (unul velvet și unul chrome) și sunt foarte mulțumită de rezultat!! De asemena, mi-a plăcut foarte mult procesul de comunicare cu Maria, deoarece mi-a răspuns la toate întrebările și mi-a oferit sfaturi valoroase.

Custom purple set 💜

Got this amazing custom set and im super proud of it🥰 I wanted a day to day set which is also comfortable since I type a lot at the computer and wanted to incorporate my favorite color. I love it because it’s sooo easy to apply and the fact that I can use it more times is just amazing. Definitely recommend it 🥰

Ana M
Chrome powder nude= Elegant nails anytime

Best investment in a while. I love how flawless they look.
Make sure to take your time during the application so they fit properly.
Already wore them twice to weddings and i got lots of compliments☺️