Payment methods

Available Payment Methods

The price, the method of payment and the payment deadline are specified in each order. jellí will issue the customer an invoice for the products to be delivered. The customer’s obligation is to provide all the information needed to issue the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force.

Payments are made only in national currency, or at the BNR exchange rate for the European EEA + EFTA- leu/lei and euro countries and by paying online by bank card.

  • Online payment by bank card – it is done by Stripe. Stripe is a processor of online payments, and this payment method is intended for all holders of cards issued under the Visa, Mastercard or Maestro logo of any currency.
    For the purposes of payment, you will enter your card number, expiry date and code CVV2/CVC2 (the last three digits on the back of the lane, which also cover your signature). Cards issued in other currencies are also accepted. The payment will take place in RON, following the conversion of the currency at the Visa/Mastercard rate and the exchange rate of the issuing bank. When cancelling an order paid online by bank card, the payment is automatically sent to the payment processor by email and the money will be returned to your account. As a rule, this process will take about 14 calendar days. It may take up to 45 days according to the conditions of the bank issuing the card. No additional fees are charged for transactions. jellí does not request or store any details of your card.
  • Bank transfer: Payment by bank transfer is made only on the basis of an order placed on the website, and the amount will be paid using the bank account data provided on jellí website at the end of the order. When the amount is registered in our bank account, the order is prepared and the order is made to the courier to collect it. We would point out that this payment method may delay the processing of the order up to 5 working days during the approval of the transaction by the bank. We do not process orders that have missing bank transfer details that do not fall within our specified guidelines.

For payment ‘online with the Banking Card’, by ‘Bank transfer’, the order is sent only after the payment has been confirm.


Only available for orders placed in Romania.

Purchase now. Pay with Klarna

How to shop with Klarna.

1. Add items to the basket.
2. Select Klarna when completing the order and split the payment over time.
3. Manage your order and payments in the Klarna application.

The best way to buy.
Review your most recent purchases and pay any remaining balance by logging into your Klarna account on the page You can also chat with Klarna Customer Service in the Klarna app.


Klarna uses the latest security measures to protect your information and prevent unauthorized purchases.

Frequent questions
You can contact us at or download the Klarna application to chat with us.

How do I pay in 3 installments without interest?

Klarna is an online payment method that allows you to shop now and pay later - in 30 days or in 3 installments without interest.
Select the payment in 3 installments without interest to divide the cost of the purchase in 3 installments. These are debited every 30 days starting from the moment of order confirmation (usually, shipping dates). You just need to add the debit or credit card data you want to use for automatic payments. We will notify you when the payment is due; you can relax and enjoy your purchase. Consult the terms and conditions of the product.

Are fees charged for paying in 3 installments without interest?

No fees or commissions are charged. For more information, please see the product terms and conditions.

Will Klarna perform a solvency check for interest-free installments?
When you choose to pay in installments without interest, Klarna may ask for a credit report from a third party. For more information, please see the product terms and conditions.

About Klarna

Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, as well as one of the main providers of alternative payments. Klarna's vision is to make all payments "smoooth" by creating added value for buyers and retailers, with unique payment options and a superior customer experience.
The Klarna company has 5,000 employees in 45 countries and is a trailblazer in the field of alternative payments, offering smooth payment solutions for 147 million customers and 400,000 partners.