tip sizes are different for all shapes & lengths! you will need a separate size kit for each one!

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double sided sticky tabs for press-on nails, 10 sheets x 24 tabs

double sided sticky tabs for press-on nails, 10 sheets x 24 tabs

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Use these double sided jelly sticky tabs to adhere the nail tips to your natural nails.

Simply peel off the tabs from the sheet, place it gently on your nail and once in the desired position, press with your finger to securely adhere it. Afterwards, peel the remaining sheet on top and then press your nail tips on top to get a fresh, effortless manicure.

Quantity: 10 sheets in a set, 24 sticky tabs per sheet

Removal: soak your nails in a bowl filled with warm water, a gentle soap, and a couple drops of your preferred oil. Let soak for 15-20 min. With a wooden stick or a silicone tool, gently pry the nail off at the edges to create space and lift the tips off. If there is resistance, please soak your nails for an extra 10 minuter or as long as needed for a safe and damage free removal.

*please note this product may have slight differences in positioning of the stickers depending on the manufacturer's production batches i.e.: they are alternating instead of mirrored. if you have questions please send us a message!

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They are all sold separately, so you only buy them when you need it most, without hoarding or wasting.


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