tools and accessories

you will need:

jellí soft gel tips

get your favourite shape from our collection and make sure you know your sizes.

adhesive stickers or nail glue

these are a replacement for the traditional liquid glue which might be inconvenient or cause irritation to some.

nail primer and dehydrator

some primers are also dehydrating, so make sure to carefully read the labels on your products first.

manual nail file or e-file

these will be used for prepping your natural nail surface and filing them into shape.

if you're not comfortable with an electronic file (it can be scary for first time users) please use a manual file instead to avoid injuries.

nail support or stand (optional)

use these to design the nails before applying the press-ons for better precision, but it's not a must.

1. prep the natural nail

start by pushing back your cuticles and using the metal scraper, clean off the dead skin that is stuck to your natural nails. this creates a clean surface for products to adhere on and avoid lifting in the following weeks.

buff the surface of your natural nail with the 240 grit side of your nail file, or an appropriate e-file grit, or with a buffing block. make you don't buff too harsh or for too long, we do not want your nails to weaken.

2. pick the right size for your tips

size might not matter, but this time bigger is better. make sure the tips fit sidewall to sidewall.

if the edges of your nails are exposed, it means the tip is too small for you. make sure they feel comfortable and don't hurt.

next step is to file down the cuticle area of the tips to match your natural, pushed back shape. use a regular nail file for precision.

3. etch the inside of your nail tips

if you ordered luxury press-ons from me, then you do not need this step as all nails are prepped before reaching you.

it's the little things that help your press-on nails to stay attached for longer.

etching creates more texture and grit that the adhesive stickers or nail glue is going to adhere to.

you can etch the inside using a nail primer, a buffing block, a nail file, or an e-file.

4. dehydrate and prime

apply a dehydrator and a nail primer, wait 30 seconds after each to allow them to fully work.

make sure all dust particles are removed and there is no lint on your nails left.

make sure you don't touch your nails with your fingers to avoid oils getting on them.

5. find the right adhesive for your lifestyle

use the makartt super strong glue for +10 days of wear or pick sticky tabs for temporary glam!

our nail adhesive stickers have 24 individual pieces on them, so you can use them to find the right size for your nail bed.

peel the sticker off and place on your nails. when you're ready, the stickers will have a tab which will reveal the double adhesive that will keep your press-on nails glued to your natural nail.

if you use the glue, make sure you cover your ENTIRE nail, especially the edges. After that, put some glue on the underside of the gel tips so there is adhesion on both surfaces.

if you apply the glue too thin, it will not be strong enough, so make sure that the inner gaps are filled and no moisture can pass through!

6. apply the press-ons

apply the press-ons starting at the cuticle down, and lightly press and roll your finger on top of them to secure in place over the adhesive stickers.

for glue, hold the nail in place for 30-60 seconds!

make sure there are no visible gaps. and you're done!

avoid water 2-4 hours after applying, preferably apply the nails before bed.