tools and accessories

you will need:

a bowl

you'll fill this with warm water, make sure it's big enough to comfortably fit your hand so it doesn't cramp.

warm water

get enough so your nails can be fully submerged in it.

dish soap

this one works amazing for removing the adhesive properties of the glue and stickers.

your favourite skin-friendly oil

make sure you're not allergic to it, avoid strong fragrances from essential oils.

a wooden stick

you'll use this to nudge the nails and make way for the soapy water and oil.


in case you spill water or want to dry your hands.

1. get your bowl ready

fill up a bowl with warm water (careful don't go too hot), dish soap and a couple drops of your chosen oil.

these will all help to dissolve the adhesive stickers or nail glue to safely remove the press-ons.

2. apply oil to nails

massage some drops of oil around the nails to let it infiltrate underneath it and help loosen up the adhesive.

you can use the little wooden stick to gentlyyyyy (please) lift the nail edges up a little bit and allow liquids to pass through.

3. soak for 10-15 mins

get on your favourite show, watch some Youtube videos, study, whatever makes you pass time faster.

you can also lightly wiggle your nails with your thumb (but please don't apply force) to promote soapy water to reach underneath them.

4. remove, clean and store

if the nail is still not budging, let it soak some more until the glue is dissolved.

remove the remaining sticky tabs from the inside of the tips and clean that off with the wooden stick.

rinse them with soap and water and store them for your next use!

all done!