birthday gift

What better way to celebrate than amazing nails?

The birthday promo gives you 40% discount on your next tailored press-on sets (custom and existing designs). This discount is not applicable for the other products available in the store.

This offer is currently applicable only to existing customers. If you are a new customer who has not placed an order yet, you will not be able to benefit from this offer.

Here are the terms of the promo and eligibility requirements. You must fulfill all of these conditions at the same time in order to qualify for the birthday promo:

  • have placed and received at least 1 order on the site in the past 12 months;
  • have spent in total at least 300 lei / 60 EUR in the past 12 months on your jellí order(s);
  • have no refunds, returns, claims or disputes in the past 12 months;
  • have become a client and signed up for email marketing at least 30 days before your entered birthday;
  • have not used more than 1 email address to place orders in the last 12 months;

Let me tell you why I have started imposing these requirements. There have been numerous accounts signing up a day before the "alleged" birthday, so many that it started raising suspicion.

jellí isn't a corporation, or a retail store. It's a small business, started from the ground up by hard work and sleepless nights. This is a way to protect my business from fraudulent activity as well as respect my current clients who I have grown to have a bond with in the past years.