why jellí luxury press-ons will always speak for themselves.

from the first hello to the final application of the nails, treat yourself to a pampering luxurious experience where all your dream nails come to life.

from me to you


No mass factories, no cheap ABS plastic, no 20+ nails in a box, no machines, just me pouring all my love and attention to create nails that give you butterflies and make you feel like true royalty 🤎👑

everything is made for your


All you see on this site is made 100% by me. No loud colours or crowded ads. Made to take out the hassle of waiting for a DM so you can place your order. You get shipping updates via email, and my policies are available and transparent.

jellí is a safe space where you can start your luxury press-on journey without feeling overwhelmed.

made to be


From the size kits to the base colours, each step of the journey will be unique to you. All nails are manually shaped and retouched to fit your cuticles, nail beds, and hands perfectly.

With over 20 base colours, jellí caters to all skintones and undertones.

💭 general questions

what is the difference between other press-ons and jellí luxury press-ons?

Press-on nails that come prepackaged with over 20 tips in a box are 10/10 times manufactured in a factory.

They are not made of high quality gel, and all the nail art you see might be printed on by a machine, or otherwise made by overworked employees sitting in inhumane conditions.

jellí is a luxury niche, so all my services revolve around offering a tailored, bespoke, and unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

jellí press-on nails are made to order, meaning I do not hold stock or designs ready made. I invest in my materials and constantly perfect my techniques to provide a luxurious pampering service from the first hello to your application of the nails.

are luxury press-ons safe?

Luxury press-on nails are 100% safe for allergies and will not damage your nails! If anything, they protect your natural nails from external factors and allow them to grow.

Improper technique is the main culprit for damaged nails, and that goes for any nail enhancement!

All my final sets are wiped down and cleaned to avoid any possibility of allergies.

how long can I wear luxury press-on nails?

You can wear them from 1-2h to 14+ days depending on your application.

Sticky tabs are best for temporary wear up to 3-4 days, and glue is best for long term wear lasting from 1 week to 3 weeks!

Each set can be reused as many times as you want, if you take good care of them!

do jellí luxury press-on nails look fake?

As opposed to other press-on nails, jellí luxury press-ons are made to fit your nails seamlessly to avoid any odd shapes!

I offer over 20 base colours to find your perfect match and undertone!

Every nail is manually shaped by me according to your natural nail & cuticle shape so they can grow out without being uncomfortable to look at.

why do they cost so much?

My quality is directly reflected in the prices and services I offer to my clientele!

All you see here is made by me, I do not sell ready-made nails, and I craft everything by hand. This is what 'tailored' means. Every customer gets a unique experience and final product that matches their hands and personal preferences.

These all take time and resources to maintain to provide the best experience for you.

do I have to buy the prep kit for every set I order?

You only buy the prep kit whenever you need it! I am against wasting resources and would much rather you buy it once to last you for 4+ applications, rather than force you to buy one every time you order.

Only buy when you need, what you need ✨

how long do luxury press-on nails last?

With the proper application and care, the jellí press-on nails can last forever!

However they are not indestructible, and they will get damaged if you're not careful!

Using them with sticky tabs grants them a longer lifetime than glue, as you will need to use the sanding bands to buff it after every removal.

Do NOT use your nails as tools, they're jewels!

💳 payments

how can I pay for my order?

There are 3 methods available:

  • secure card payment through Stripe at checkout
  • bank transfer for Romanian citizens only
  • Klarna (3 installments, 30 days, or full payment)

can I pay Cash on Delivery?

Cash payments on delivery are unavailable as a protection measure for my work and time spent making the products.

There have been times where customers ordered and refused the delivery, or never pick up the parcel, which means I pay double transport fees and make a loss.

In this way, I can have a guarantee the customer will receive the order and is serious about placing their trust with me.

I'm in Europe but I can't pay with Klarna, why?

Currently Klarna is only available for Romanian orders with a Romanian shipping address.

I'm working to have Klarna available for EU & International markets as well.

it says 'invalid card' at checkout, or some sort of error, what do I do?

Sometimes Revolut has issues with Stripe and the cards can't get verified upon placing the order.

Please try another card, or message me so I can set up another payment method for you.

Also please make sure you have sufficient funds, your card is not expired, you enter the card details correctly and so on. The transaction will get rejected if any of these are not entered correctly.

money was taken from my account, but I couldn't place my order due to an error at checkout

Sometimes Revolut has issues with Stripe and the cards can't get verified upon placing the order.

The amount is blocked and has not left your account yet. It will be returned within a couple of minutes depending on your card issuer.

When this happens, your order doesn't get through so I can't see what you ordered.

🚚 shipping & delivery

do you cover customs fees and extra taxes for non-EU countries?

It depends. If you chose Home Delivery couriers, some countries like Swizterland & Lichtenstein will be DDP (you don't need to pay anything on delivery, I will invoice you all costs before shipping out the parcel). All of my parcels are sent DAP (Delivered at Place).

This means that if I send a parcel outside of the EU & EEA, the person who is going to receive the order might have to pay extra fees in their country for customs clearance and/or postage fees.

Please check with your national or local customs laws and procedures.

If requested before checking out and placing the order, I can send the parcel as DDP (Delivery Duties Paid), however there is still a chance you will have to pay postage fees or extra taxes when it gets to the country of destination.

where do you ship?

Now shipping worldwide! 🌍

Please refer to my shipping policy in the footer of this page, or ask me directly through the chat!

I'm constantly updating shipping options for you guys in order to get the best prices, so let me know what questions you got!

If your country isn't on my shipping list please message me so I can look for available options!

how much does shipping cost?

I'm always improving and changing the delivery service providers to get you guys the best rates!

For the most updated version, please enter your address at checkout and see the most recent shipping fee!

Please check the shipping policy here!

how long does shipping take?

Shipping in Romania can take from 24h to 72h, depending on the service chosen and area of destination. During busy times (holidays, promotion, weather factors etc.), the shipping can take longer.

For EU & EEA member states, shipping can take from 2 days to 10 business days in transit, depending on the distance.

Please note that delivery via national post will take longer!

For international orders, it can take up to 25-40 business days, depending on the distance and service chosen. Please allow some time for customs clearance too!

I haven't received my order, can you help?

Send me your order number through the chat and I will look into it to see what happened along the way!

For untracked / standard / non priority parcels I will not be able to provide any insight as the service itself does not provide me with a tracking number!

items came broken or damaged, what do I do now?

Please take as many clear photos as you can of the parcel and damage of products as soon as it arrives - as I will check with the delivery company to confirm the issues.

Send all the details to me via email or through the store chat.

If the damage is caused in transit, I can either refund you for the damaged amount, or I can send you a new parcel.

📏 sizing the nails

why do I need a size kit?

The size kit has many roles, one of which making sure that my press-on nails are going to fit you right!

Since it is a luxury product, all nail sets are made to fit your natural curvature and nail bed shape.

Of course press-on nails are not a one size fits all type of situation, everyone is different and some may not find the correct fit in the tips I offer, and that's totally normal!

can I still send you my tape measurements?

Yes, you can as of 2024, however please keep in mind the sizing will not be as accurate as with a size kit.

There are chances of tips not fitting, and I cannot offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for wrongful measurements!

So choose your sizes carefully!

I'm between sizes, can you reshape them to fit me?

Absolutely! Always pick the bigger size and let me know how much you want me to file from the edges, cuticles, or tips!

💭 application

how much nail glue do I apply to the jellí luxury press-ons?

It isn't an exact science and remember it will take trial and error to get it right!

Cover your entire nail surface and make sure you also put glue on the free edge (tip of your natural nail).

Then apply glue to the underside of the press-on nail, enough to fit your natural nail length.

If there isn't enough glue, it will pop off and not have the same staying power.

one of the nails popped off with glue, what do I do?

That's ok! If your nail is still partially attached, soak the finger(s) in soapy hot water and massage the area with oil before dunking it in.

After that, repeat the whole application process and remember to clean off the oil properly with acetone or alcohol!

if I run out of alcohol pads, what can I use instead?

You can use 70% isopropyl alcohol, or acetone!

I got glue on the nails and skin, how can I clean them?

You can let the glue remove itself by washing your hands (3-4h after application) with soapy water.

You can also rub some vaseline / petrolatum on your nails to get the glue off the gel top coat! (thank you Amalia for this tip!)

can I reuse sticky tabs?

Technically you can't. Sticky tabs lose their adhesive power with every application. I recommend covering the entire nail as much as possible or using sticky tabs together with glue (on the edges) to get a better grip.

💭 removal & care

how do I remove luxury press-on nails?

If using sticky tabs: you can pry them off using a wooden stick that comes in your application kit. Alternatively if you have sensitive nails and they start being uncomfortable from the pulling, you can soak them in soapy hot water for 10 minutes to loosen the adhesive.

If using glue: soak in hot (as much as you can handle) soapy water for 15-20 mins and remove from the sides using the wooden sticks. DO NOT FORCE THE NAIL OFF! Keep soaking until they come off easily. Reheat or add more hot water if necessary - cold water isn't as effective.

my press-ons will not budge, what do I do?

Soak for as long as necessary. Take a cuticle stick and try to scrape the dissolved glue from your nail edges and keep massaging with plenty of oil (skin friendly oil!) before soaking again.

Remember to never force the nails off!

can I use acetone to remove press-on nails?

If hot soapy water isn't working fast enough for you, you can mix 50% water and 50% pure acetone. This will not damage the nails and it will still be gentle on your skin without drying it out completely.

Never use undiluted acetone on your press-ons or they will dissolve, since they are 100% made of soft gel!

📦 order questions

how long will it take to get to me?

The maximum processing time for an order is 5 days (can go above if the volume of orders is higher than usual!).

Most orders are shipped out within 2-3 working days.

International orders can last up to 25 working days in transit (without the processing time) - so please allow some days for custom clearance as well!

there's an error at check out, what do I do?

Message me using the store chat on the bottom corner ASAP and take screenshots of the error so I can see what it's about!

a discount code isn't working, why?

Sometimes I forget to activate or connect things behind the scenes 😅 Message me using the store chat on the bottom corner!

can I cancel an order?

Once I have started working on your nails, I cannot accept any cancellations or refunds. The materials and resources used cannot be repurposed and they will end up being wasted.

Do message me before requesting a cancellation, if there are any shipping mistakes or products you need to add, I can do that!

I don't like the nails, can I get a refund?

Throughout the whole process, I will send you updates and check in to make sure that the nails are to your liking, or if you would like to change something. Unless I do not have your approval, then I will not go forward with it.

So to answer this question, no, I can not offer refunds AFTER the process is already finished and approved by you.