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double sided sticky tabs for press-on nails, 10 sheets x 24 tabs

double sided sticky tabs for press-on nails, 10 sheets x 24 tabs

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Use these double sided jelly sticky tabs to adhere the nail tips to your natural nails.

Simply peel off the tabs from the sheet, place it gently on your nail and once in the desired position, press with your finger to securely adhere it. Afterwards, peel the remaining sheet on top and then press your nail tips on top to get a fresh, effortless manicure.

Quantity: 10 sheets in a set, 24 sticky tabs per sheet

Removal: soak your nails in a bowl filled with warm water, a gentle soap, and a couple drops of your preferred oil. Let soak for 15-20 min. With a wooden stick or a silicone tool, gently pry the nail off at the edges to create space and lift the tips off. If there is resistance, please soak your nails for an extra 10 minuter or as long as needed for a safe and damage free removal.

*please note this product may have slight differences in positioning of the stickers depending on the manufacturer's production batches i.e.: they are alternating instead of mirrored. if you have questions please send us a message!

Will they work on your nails?

These nail tips are compatible with
flatter nail beds, as well as more curved ones, however please be
mindful that you might need a slightly different technique in
application based on the length, shape, and curvature of your nail bed.

These tips are thinner near the
cuticle area and get thicker for more strength towards the tip of the
nail. Soft gel provides flexibility without breaking or creasing, being
the perfect ally for nail technicians and at-home users who want salon
quality sculpted nails without the hassle and expertise.

*Allergy disclaimer

*liquid gel products, if not cured or
applied within safe parameters and guidelines, can develop allergies
(contact dermatitis) upon touching the skin and surrounding area. It is
extremely important to final cure the gel with a strong UV lamp until it
is fully hardened, and clean up all uncured gel that touches the skin
with 100% acetone or high percentage alcohol + a small brush.

Please be mindful of your body parts, such as hands and arms, that might
accidentally touch the uncured gel (if you are working with open jars
and mixing palettes, or even tissues with gel on it. If it touches your
skin and is left there, it may cause an allergic reaction.


For health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. Sale is final. Please consult our return
policy or email us for further questions.


1. File the nail down with an electric file or a manual nail file. Be careful to not overfile and stop way before reaching your natural nails to avoid damaging it.

2. Soak a cotton pad in pure acetone and cover the entire nail with it so it can dissolve the gel.

3. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes. If there are parts of the soft gel nail that do not budge, please soak the cotton pad again and leave it for as long as necessary until you can nudge the remaining gel off with your finger.

4. NEVER pull or rip off the gel if there is resistance, otherwise it will take your natural nail off and damage it! Please don't do that! 🫣

If soaked properly, your gel nail should be removed with ease and no pushing/pulling.

Message us if you need help!

Disclaimer: All images are solely for presentation purposes and the product components may present minor discrepancies in reality due to the various procedures in the manufacturing process.

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