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superchrome iridescent pigment powder (set 6pcs)

superchrome iridescent pigment powder (set 6pcs)

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  • superior quality pigment
  • high shine results
  • buttery smooth

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Dive into the world of infinite colours and transform your nail art with the new jellí super bright chrome pigments! A superfine milled powder that will turn any regular manicure into glimmering opals that shine bright on your fingertips.

Quantity: 1g of powder / pot

Note: these pigments will change the aspect of your base and will look different in various light settings and angles!

Please note that this product requires UV/LED gel polish to work and a UV/LED lamp to cure the product.

See below for instructions and more details.

Colour accuracy

Please note that colours may have slight differences based on the light source, the colour they are applied onto and angle they are viewed from, as well as the display of the device you are viewing this from. We do our best to provide a representation that is as accurate as possible to viewing with the naked eye.

How to apply

  1. Apply a non-wipe gel top coat on the nail;
  2. Cure for 30s-60s (depending on the brand);
  3. Buff your jellí chrome powder into the nail with your gloved finger, a sponge, or a small eyeshadow applicator;
  4. Remove the excess and buff with a clean finger, sponge, or applicator;
  5. Apply a base coat to seal in the powder;
  6. Wipe with alcohol all the excess pigment;
  7. Apply the final layer of top coat and give it a final cure;

International shipping & taxes

Shipping outside the EU & EEA will have extra fees depending on the country and method of shipment!

The fees will need to be paid in advance AFTER your order is placed, and only then I will get started on your nails.

Please read the shipping policy closely and message me if you have any questions!


Warning: do not ingest, do not apply near face (eyes, mouth, nose, ears etc.) and lastly, do not inhale or breathe in the pigment. Wear a mask and be in a well ventilated area (preferably use a specialised filtered vacuum when working with finely milled powders).


For health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. Sale is final. Please consult our return policy or email us for further questions.

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