If a product has the text: [PREORDER], then the product is estimated to arrive in our possession anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 weeks, depending on the shipment times; this time estimation can change with delays from international carriers, delivery issues, customs delays and processing, supplier breaks, etc.

Please keep in mind we do not have any control over external factors, such as intense weather conditions, international transportation route blockages, customs processing times and supplier delays.

If you purchased items that have [PREORDER] in their title + any regular items that are already in stock, your order will be shipped out ONLY when the preorder stock arrives in our possession and is ready for shipping out. They will be sent out together. If you don't want to wait for regular products to be shipped out together with the preorder items, please place separate orders for the PREORDER items and the in-stock ones.

Orders will be shipped out with priority in order based on the date your purchase of the PREORDER item was made.

If you need extra details about when a specific product is supposed to arrive, please use the chat on the site to get in touch!