tools and accessories

you will need:

cotton rounds

you will soak these in pure acetone

nail clips or aluminium foil

use these to cover the acetone soaked pads and keep it from evaporating while the tips dissolve.

manual nail file or e-file

this will be your best friend when taking off gel tips.

if you're not comfortable with an electronic file (it can be scary for first time users) please use a manual file instead to avoid injuries.

pure acetone

you will use this to dissolve the soft gel tips.

metal scraper or wooden stick

you may use these to help push off the gel, but NEVER force it off.


watch your favourite show, listen to a podcast, or do some light reading, even call a friend to pass the time.

don't you dare force your nail tips off or else we'll be really sad and so will your natural nails 🥲

1. trim the tips and file them down

if your lengths are on the M or L side, feel free to cut them off to minimise waiting time and effort.

file all the colour off your soft gel tips, and if you want, you may also file them down a little bit, but make sure you DO NOT reach too close to your natural nail.

use an e-file or a manual file for this, whatever you feel most comfortable with. your safety is important to us.

2. prepare the soak-off tools

cut down your cotton rounds (no waste here) in chunks enough to soak enough acetone and cover your entire nail.

cover your nails and skin around them with your favourite oil. this will save your skin from drying out during the soak off process.

soak them and place them on your nail. cover with the nail clips or foils.

3. let it soak for 15-20 min

find something to pass the time, and check every 5-7 minutes the status of your dissolving nails.

add more acetone if you feel the cotton dried out.

you know it's ready once you can flake it off with your finger.

4. do not force the gel off

to people who say "oh gel ruined my nails!!", we reply with "it's not the gel, it's the improper removal technique".

if you feel ANY resistance coming from the dissolving gel bits, it means you need to let it soak more in acetone.

if you pry it off, you will simply rip a chunk of your natural nails with it. doesn't sound too good, now does it?

let. it. soak.

5. buff the residue away

after the gel floppy bits come off, get your nail buffer and lightly buff the natural nail to level it and remove any tiny small bits of gel that got left over.

and then you're done!

wash your hands, apply some hand cream, oil and you're good to go.