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base colour finder

base colour finder

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Not sure which colour will be most suitable for your skin tone? Got you covered!

This base colour finder is made of the current available rubber bases and neutral gel polishes that you can pick for your luxury custom made press-on nails.

Best part is, you only buy it once and it stays with you! If you want any new shades that are added later to the collection, you can request them with your next orders without having to purchase the whole kit again.

The base colour finder comes in various swatch sticks or forms, so they might differ from time to time depending on what is available in the inventory.

Best part about this? You can lend it to your friends, family and loved ones to help them find their best neutral colour that fits their unique skin tone.

No waste philosophy

All of the kits are made to last, so you don't throw them away or waste products. This is why all my packaging is as plastic-free as possible!

They are all sold separately, so you only buy them when you need it most, without hoarding or wasting.


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Disclaimer: All images are solely for presentation purposes and the product components may present minor discrepancies in reality due to the various procedures in the manufacturing process.

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RB7 perfect nude color

I ordered 1 month ago and wear my set since 3 weeks now, they hold perfect with the nail glue. I love them! RB7 is the perfect nude, looks greate. Can't wait to order more colors😊