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solid colour custom press-on nails set

solid colour custom press-on nails set

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Vei avea nevoie de un kit de marimi INAINTE de a comanda aceste seturi personalizate de unghii press-on!

Alegerea marimilor potrivite este responsabilitatea clientului si nu se ofera ramburs/retur pentru marimi gresite.

Setul include:

  • 10 unghii press-on personalizate, marimea si forma la alegere
optional: kit de pregatire si indepartare gratuit (il adaugi in cos la comanda finala si se aplica discount automat)

    Unghiile press-on sunt facute din 100% soft gel impreuna cu materiale profesionale avand calitate de salon.

    Timp de procesare: 3-5 zile lucratoare, livrarea nu este inclusa.

    Se pot purta pana la 2 saptamani si refolosi forever cu grija si indepartarea adecvata.

    Nu se accepta retururi sau schimburi din cauza politelor de siguranta si sanatate.

    Will they work on your nails?

    These nail tips are compatible with
    flatter nail beds, as well as more curved ones, however please be mindful that you might need a slightly different technique in
    application based on the length, shape, and curvature of your nail bed.

    These tips are thinner near the
    cuticle area and get thicker for more strength towards the tip of the
    nail. Soft gel provides flexibility without breaking or creasing, being
    the perfect ally for nail technicians and at-home users who want salon
    quality sculpted nails without the hassle and expertise.

    *Allergy disclaimer

    if you are allergic to nail glue, please purchase a set of adhesive sticky tabs or a brand of glue you trust to be suitable for your sensitive skin!


    For health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. Sale is final. Please consult our return
    policy or email us for further questions.

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    The best

    Both the kit and the set arrived super fast. The nails were exactly what i wished for and they look amazing. The customer support is next level. Maria helped me with any question. She is the best!