behind the brand.

many of you will wonder "who are these people and what is their motivation?"

hi, I'm Maria, and this is the story of jellí.

it all started with a video.

browsing YouTube, as usual, I came across a video from kayli boyle in my recommended section.

my life changed in a split second. I was hooked.

I always wanted nail extensions, but the maintenance and price were something I could not afford to splurge on every 2 weeks.

these soft gel tips gave me a way to reach that desire and wish that was unreachable before.

my dream became true.

the next thing I knew, I bought my own nail box from amazon, medium almond.

my natural nails would break easily, even with gel polish on top. I was sick and tired of having damaged nails that cracked from the nail bed, just to get that specific shape.

it took me a while to get the hang of it, my first application was tricky. by the 3rd one I had already mastered the craft.

they looked... like my dream nails!

creating jellí

jellí was born out of the desire to provide the best possible version of a product to you, the nail enthusiasts, and make confidence accessible to last you for as long as possible before having to buy another one.

jellí is inclusive, we know all nails are not created equal, so we made sure to include as many lengths and shapes as possible to cater to everyone, including nail techs.

hop on board to my small business journey and let's grow together :)


lots of love and warm hugs,