here are some of the most asked questions! please read these before reaching out to us.

this list is always expanding based on your questions, so please keep an eye on it.


1. what countries do you ship to?

currently we only ship to: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

if your country is not listed here and you want to place an order, please contact us because you might need to pay custom duties and other fees that will need to be covered by you (not displayed or included on our site)

2. how long does shipping take?

we ship from Bucharest, Romania, so shipping time may vary depending on the distance our parcels have to travel. usually it is not more than 8-9 working days.

3. what is the cost of shipping?

for Romania: 15 lei, free on orders over 200 lei

for Bucharest: 10 lei, free on orders over 200 lei

for Easybox in RO: 10 lei, free on orders over 200 lei


for EU shipping:

Country Shipping fee (RON) Estimation in EUR Free shipping?
25 lei €5 over €150 (740 lei)
Greece 42 lei €8 over €150 (740 lei)
Poland 35 lei €7 over €150 (740 lei)
Slovakia 45 lei €8.50 over €150 (740 lei)
Czech Republic
50 lei €10 over €150 (740 lei)
Italy 55 lei €11 over €150 (740 lei)
75 lei €15 over €150 (740 lei)
150 lei €30.50 no
240 lei €49 no
please note that the EUR prices are an approximation and depend on your country's currency exchange rate with the Romanian Leu. There might be a slight difference based on your currency and location.
this price does not include extra fees that may be incurred in your destination country once the parcel arrives.



4. what do you ship with?

DHL/DPD for EU and local couriers domestically. DHL will handover the parcel to a local courier at the destination country for final delivery.

5. I have some issues with my order, what do I do?

for any issues, questions, or doubts you might have in regards to shipping, please send us an email through the contact form on our site.



1. how do I pay for my order?

we use Stripe for EU and domestic payments, and all payments must be made online in advance via card. due to security and logistic reasons, we do not accept cash on delivery or any other method currently.

2. there's a payment issue, what do I do?

for any issues, questions, or doubts you might have in regards to payments, please send us an email through the contact form on our site.



1. I didn't receive my order confirmation email.

sometimes there are technical issues, or sometimes you entered your email wrong. please send us a message and we will re-send it.

2. I added the wrong product but the order is already submitted.

no worries! please send us an email ASAP with your order details. if the order has not been handed over to our courier, we will modify it accordingly.

3. I wrote the wrong contact information wrong (phone, address etc.)

same with this one, please send us an email before we ship it out, otherwise it will not be shipped to you at all and it will get lost on its way.

4. my order never arrived and the delivery time has been exceeded.

urgently email us with your full order details and we will start an investigation with our shipping partners to find out what happened.