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minimal design custom press-on nails set

minimal design custom press-on nails set

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You need a sizing kit BEFORE ordering your sets! Sizing is the buyer's responsibility and will not be refunded for wrongful measurements.

Click here to see ideas for this design.

This set includes:

  • 10 custom painted nails, shape & size of your choice
optional: a free application & removal kit (you can add it to your cart and it will be discounted automatically)

    Press-on nails made from 100% soft gel and professional salon-grade materials.

    Processing time: 3-5 working days, shipping not included.

    Wearable up to 2 weeks and reusable forever with the proper care and removal of your sets.

    Returns and exchanges are not accepted due to health and safety policies.

    Will they work on your nails?

    These nail tips are compatible with
    flatter nail beds, as well as more curved ones, however please be mindful that you might need a slightly different technique in
    application based on the length, shape, and curvature of your nail bed.

    These tips are thinner near the
    cuticle area and get thicker for more strength towards the tip of the
    nail. Soft gel provides flexibility without breaking or creasing, being
    the perfect ally for nail technicians and at-home users who want salon
    quality sculpted nails without the hassle and expertise.

    *Allergy disclaimer

    if you are allergic to nail glue, please purchase a set of adhesive sticky tabs or a brand of glue you trust to be suitable for your sensitive skin!


    For health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. Sale is final. Please consult our return
    policy or email us for further questions.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Ana M
    Chrome powder nude= Elegant nails anytime

    Best investment in a while. I love how flawless they look.
    Make sure to take your time during the application so they fit properly.
    Already wore them twice to weddings and i got lots of compliments☺️