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nail size kit for luxury press-ons and soft gel tips

nail size kit for luxury press-ons and soft gel tips

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  • ultra precise sizing
  • low commitment & risk free
  • share it with friends and family

Kit includes: sample tips from each shape and size in the collection

Want to know how the tips will fit you?

Get your sizing kit and test each finger out to see which number from our soft gel tips works best for you!

Remember, whether you're doing press-on or gel extensions, make sure the nail fits sidewall to sidewall or runs slightly wider than your nail surface. Tips that are too narrow will be more prone to popping off and lifting as you wear them. You can always file it down to fit properly.

After you're done picking the correct size, please use the numbers written on the tips to order your custom sets.

No waste philosophy

All of the kits are made to last, so you don't throw them away or waste products. This is why all my packaging is as plastic-free as possible!

They are all sold separately, so you only buy them when you need it most, without hoarding or wasting.


For health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. Sale is final. Please consult our return
policy or email us for further questions.

Disclaimer: All images are solely for presentation purposes and the product components may present minor discrepancies in reality due to the various procedures in the manufacturing process.

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